Stoked to post this one. I’m super happy to tell y’all I got just received my new Dobyns rod that just came in off backorder. I can’t thank the good people at Dobyns rods enough for the hard work and persistence to fill my order. Although I have 5 other Dobyns rods I was really missing my favorite the DX805 flip/punch Champion Extreme HP. This rod is a beast , the balance , weight and construction  in my opinion is second to none . As a bass guide that specializes in flipping and punching and I still can’t believe the difference and advantages this rod provides. The strong backbone and fast tip makes the transfer of power through the rod smooth as glass when loading up on a big fish. The sensitivity  allows me to feel the slightest tick on the way down  which definitely makes this rod my go to confidence set up. I pair my Dobyns DX805 with a Shimano Metanium reel spooled with 65 lb power pro braid . Now for the tip of the day , finish it off with a Reaction Innovations sweet beaver pinned with a #5 trokar flippin hook and weighted with a tungsten weight.

Let me know what your favorite set up is , always looking forward to hearing what works for you.