I have to say , I’m super excited and looking forward to the next few months. Not only is the fishing season coming into the prime time for catching monster bass but I’ve been working with some sponsors to promote , test and report my experience with their products . I can’t wait to be the voice of the regular joe and share my results with y’all. My forte when hunting big bass is flipping and punching heavy cover. There is nothing rougher on your tackle and rigs let alone yourself then horsing out a 10 pounder from their dark secluded lair . For those of you that have experienced the heart pounding reaction to putting the hammer down on a double digit fish , watching the mats rise and the pencil reeds move just before you feel that un mistakable dead weight THUD you know what i mean . For those of you that have yet to feel that adrenalin rush , It’s equivalent to pulling a blowing ball through a key hole with a length of chain! With that being said , keep tuned in , the reviews will be coming .