About Headwaters Lake in Fellsmere ,Fla

Without a doubt this fishery created by the St. Johns River Water Management District is the hottest topic related to bass fishing in Florida. This 10,000 acre project was created to capture , store and filter rain water runoff and to divert it from entering the Indian River Lagoon. The secondary mission was to create a spectacular fishing habitat.

  This project was developed with a price tag in excess of 1.4 million dollars.  In an effort to insure population growth, the lake has been stocked with nearly 2 million fish including just under 1 million largemouth bass. Over 10,000 native trees have also been planted to lend to the splendor and sheer beauty of this project.

  As an avid fisherman and bass guide, I can honestly say “ Headwaters Lake is a true representation of old Florida fishing at its best.” It’s not too often you can see the amount of unspoiled aquatic vegetation creating a perfect bass habitat so close to home.

  I can only hope this will be the model for other fisheries and water sheds across the entire country.