Maybe as we all gain the experience of time things make more sense, or do they? I had a revelation on a recent hunting trip. I couldn’t help noticing as I spent several days in the deer woods contemplating life in general I was consumed by thoughts of my next fishing trip: where to go, what bait might be the best to throw that day, and what will the clients I take be like. With all that spinning in my head I realized there is so much more to hunting and fishing than simply going. I guess having hunting and fishing in your blood becomes first nature . Every trip is methodically planned right down to the smallest detail.  Everything gets processed in your head days prior to the trip. Playing out every option in your head of what could possibly happen and anticipating any deviation from the desired outcome consumes me. Every sleepless night and all the stress and preparation is worth it every time I get to see the smiles on the faces of both novice and experienced anglers. I have yet to answer the question — Is it the joy I bring my clients or is it the joy my clients bring me that makes guiding a true dream come true? I’m happy with either scenario.  So, remember take someone fishing any chance you get as you will never truly know the impact it has on them.

Be safe out there and always treasure your time out of doors.